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Authenticity is my passion, and I’m in the business of helping you create a more authentic and connected relationship.

In other words, I’m invested in helping you find what you long for: authentic connection with your partner. You imagine what it feels like to actually be close to your spouse. To know their inner world, to be accepted for yours. You wonder what it’s like to be able to handle all the little daily issues life throws your way, without letting them disconnect you from each other. That’s the dream, right? To do real life together and love each other better every day.

Helping you cultivate an authentic relationship

Here’s the truth. Marriage is hard. Really. Freaking. Hard.

You planned to be with this person for the rest of your life, but you didn’t realize how much grace and forgiveness you would need to extend to them on a daily basis.

You didn’t know you were signing up for difficult days, arguments, disappointments, (should I keep going here? Probably not). Sure, you knew marriage would be challenging, but you thought “This is my best friend. How hard could it be? We can get through anything together!”

Good news. You can get through it. You can even thrive together. Your marriage can be what dreams are made of. Your spouse can be your biggest support, encouragement, and friend.

But your partner isn’t perfect, and your marriage won’t be perfect.

That’s why I’m here. I know the challenges of marriage (believe me, my husband is the best person in my life and simultaneously the most challenging). And I’ve witnessed firsthand so many marriages being healed. In my work with couples, I found what relationships tend to lack when they become disconnected, and how couples can reconnect and grow closer together and stronger than ever.

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